LCD enclosures being used at Football Clubs too!

By | May 3, 2011

LCD Enclosures Global Limited – Supply Global Soccer Clubs

Not only are LCD enclosures being used for outdoor digital signage, they are also being used to protect the fragile hardware such as the TV and the media player from potential abuse.


Not only has LCD Enclosure Global Ltd supplied their range of protective TV housings to organisations in America, Australia and Europe they can now add Romania to their high profile customers, as these organisations understand that the hardware needs protecting from the weather and potential theft, these housings safeguard the internal hardware in a micro climate preventing the hardware overheating or freezing.

LCD enclosures for outdoor protection.

LCD enclosuresGraham Gallagher (Managing Director) puts their success down to a high quality product that is at an affordable price. He aims to launch an LCD and plasma enclosure designed for the home market in the very near future.


These protective LCD enclosures are used for advertising and even to give updates on competing football clubs, so that supporters can keep an eye on the rivals to see if they have been overtaken or have actually overtake another club. Then when things get tricky, they also provide the relevant protection from angry soccer fans. The protective housings are made from steel and powder coated to provide a robust and professional looking solution.


Even big ticket football clubs have to watch their investments carefully, this is why LCD enclosures are being considered to protect the investment.

LCD Enclosures Global Ltd supply the world with outdoor digital signage LCD enclosures as well as a range of digital posters for indoor advertising.