LCD Enclosures – Hospital Digital Signage Protection

By | November 3, 2010

LCD Enclosures – Now being used in hospitals.

We all know that digital signage is prevalent every where we look; now we are seeing digital signage deployed in hospital car parks.

Hospitals have woken up to the fact that they can benefit from the revenue they get from advertising companies that deploy the digital signage hardware and take ownership of the digital signage network.

Now advertising agencies are targeting local businesses and pharmaceutical companies who are in turn advertising on the signage network, the money paid is then split on a percentage rate to the hospital.

So these organisations have realised that the most effective way to protect the electronic hardware is to put them inside LCD enclosures, these units provide the correct amount of protection from the weather and from physical abuse.

Way finding LCD enclosures.

The LCD enclosures are used in conjunction with the electronic signage hardware for way finding in the car park to direct visitors and patients to the correct wards, this eliminates frustration and confusion when visiting friends and family. These enclosures provide the relevant protection from the rain, snow and vandals.

Emergency Rooms – Time warping.

What better way to kill time when you are waiting to be seen by a doctor in the emergency room than to watch a TV program. But the problem is as the nights go on, the emergency rooms are occasionally filled with patients who are intoxicated by alcohol or drugs and this is a problematic time for staff, as a noticeable number of physical attacks on medical professions has been reported in the past couple of years.

As well as the staff being protected by security staff, the digital signage in the emergency room is also protected from attack with LCD enclosures. These prevent patients trying to remove the TV hardware or even worse prevent them from damaging the screen.

Ward use.

When children come to a hospital it can be a traumatic experience, as nothing will be familiar, however some hospitals are installing televisions in children’s wards to get them into familiar surroundings by letting the child watch cartoons, this then relaxes them and puts them at ease. As we all know with children, the demand is there to prevent little fingers getting to any electrical cables, hence the use of LCD enclosures; these provide a level of protection throughout the hospital.

Now if there are areas of the hospital that are not protected or monitored, the hardware needs to be protected by anti vandal LCD enclosures, these prevent vandals breaking into the housing and removing hardware this is prevented by using state of the art high security locks – even defacing the screen with spray paint is difficult as the viewing window has a special coating that just wipes clean of any spray paint!

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