LCD enclosure used to protect school digital signage

By | January 17, 2011

LCD enclosure guarding digital signage in schools

An LCD enclosure offers the best protection when deploying digital signage in schools and other education facilities.

When any valuable hardware is installed in an environment where the occupants of the rooms changes on a regular if not hourly basis, there is a significantly higher risk of the hardware being damaged or even worse, stolen. Hence the reason the hardware needs protecting.

Education facilities in America have the foresight to embrace technology and use it to inform students and parents of students of future events and even updates on children’s grades.

US education facilities.
In high schools, colleges and universities digital signage is every where throughout the campus, the deploying works on two fronts, the first is to inform most if not all of the students on events that are happening during the term, this can include all the fun and merriment of refreshers week, to daily discounts at the colleges cafeteria.

The other front is that the education facility allows external companies to advertise their products or service on the digital signage network, this could be the local pizza take out shop to the local computer repair service company. Now this is very lucrative as most facilities recover the cost of the campus installation for the network within the first month of deployment, then the rest of the year is pure profit.

Some colleges charge in the region of $250 per week for a 3 minute advertising slot moving up to $350 for a 5 minute slot, now just think for a minute if the college, school or university sold only 50 spots that would equate to $12,500 per month, now just think how the investment is paying off, with $12,500 profit every month the facility is working.

An LCD enclosure protects the school digital signage.

lcd enclosure

A steel LCD enclosure provides a safe and secure environment for the signage hardware, including the large flat screen TV, media player and other components. If for example the screen gets damaged due to a boisterous students prank and the ads cannot be displayed this will reduce the income to the facility dramatically, these protective LCD enclosure protects the internal hardware from any potential abuse, damage and in some cases theft.

The signage network due to its digital content can be changed at a seconds notice; this is another reason why it is being used, to alert students and staff of any incidents on site. The digital signage network can be updated if and when a situation happens and the campus has to be locked down, this hardware will inform everyone around the affected area to go to a safe location, whilst the signs in the affected area are closed down, preventing anyone knowing of the alert so that the area can be contained until the authorities arrive.

At kindergarten the children can have their work displayed on the screen inside the LCD enclosure whilst the enclosure is mounted on the outside of the school building, so parents can see what children have been creating when they are waiting to collect them to take them home.

There are many applications and uses for digital signage on an educational campus; we have only touched on a few basis solutions.

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