LCD Enclosure Now Fitted to Vans for Digital Signage.

By | September 30, 2009

Digital signage has come a long way in a very short period of time; this as been helped by the constant reductions in the components used for a digital signage system, from the LCD displays and the plasma televisions to the new technology to play the content on, such as thin clients and commercial media players.

These reductions put digital signage in the reach of most businesses, no matter if it is digital advertising poster or a full blown digital signage network. So much so, we are now seeing unique ways to use commercial digital signs.

Unusual Solutions.

One taxi company in the Ukraine is deploying it’s fleet of 500 cabs with interactive signs, so people can search local attractions such as theatres, hotels and restaurants. The signs are secured on to the ‘driver’s protective screen’ and content is added via a wireless connection, the full deployment was funded by local businesses that wished to pay to advertise their business.

Bizarre solution.

However, one of the most bizarre requests has been to install protective LCD enclosures on to the sides of vans and trucks, however there has to be some questions asked to why? As the ads will only be seen when the vehicle is stationary in traffic, such as when they are waiting at a set of traffic lights or when the driver is making a delivery.

Then think of the environment, because when you add an extra 200lbs to a vehicle in weight the performance and fuel consumption decreases dramatically, costing them more to run the vehicle.

Dave owns the world’s leading LCD enclosure manufacturing company that has designed protective solutions for digital signage including a new petrol pump advertising enclosure. This will accommodate 2 LCD displays up to 26” back to back with media players mounted in between, audio on the enclosures can be muted by the customer if needed.