LCD Enclosure Guardians of Outdoor Digital Digital Signage

By | March 29, 2011

LCD Enclosure.

An LCD enclosure is the first thing to defend any outdoor digital signage hardware from harm from either the weather or physical attack.

Due to the nature of the electronics used in outdoor digital signage they tend to be effected by extreme weather, on top of this the screen also needs to be a commercial display with at least 1,000 cd/m2 otherwsie the ads will not be seen especially when the installtion is in direct sun light.

The LCD enclosure.

Usually manufactured from either stainless steel (for beach or harbour locations – protection from sea salt) or mild steel (for general outdoor protection). These robust steel LCD enclosure housings are designed to prevent water ingress as well as providing a safe environment for the digital signage hardware to work efficiently without having to have engineers visit site to perform maintenance.

Some LCD enclosure ranges are locked by standard cam locks unfortunately these can be breached as simply as using a ruler, or a screwdriver. Now imagine you have invested heavily into the digital signage hardware then installed it into an enclosure only to find in a few days that the screen has been stolen, firstly how embarrasing and secondly how frustrating it would be.

We have the option to fit the units with special anti vandal locks, the only way to get in to the LCD enclosure is using a key, without it access is impossible making this most desirable solution for protecting outdoor digital signage hardware.

lcd enclosure

Inside the LCD enclosure is an internal mounting frame for the display, with room for a media player and on the rear of the housing is a 600 x 400 VESA pattern so the unit can be ceiling mounted or mounted directly to the wall.

The LCD enclosure is cooled by a cooling system that is thermostatically controlled providing total control to the user.

LCD Enclosure Global are a leading manufacturer of LCD enclosures, their range of LCD enclosure are installed throughout the world by leading integrators.