LCD Enclosure Global – Stocked and ready to ship.

By | October 8, 2009

With the huge increase in demand for outdoor LCD enclosures, LCD Enclosure Global have stock and can ship either direct from stock or for custom units, a lead time of 12 days.

The units will cover every display from 19″ to 70″, so there are cost effective solutions. The units are cooled with a cooling fan unit as standard, this can be integrated with a heater and thermostat system so that when the thermostat detects the internal temperature of the enclosure fall, the heater is activated and likewise when it detects an increase in temperature the cooling fan is activated.

Or if budget isn’t an issue, we can offer air conditioning coolers or CoolingTubes, these are similar to air conditioning units without the cost!

This puts LCD Enclosure Global at the forefront of customer service, benefit from their experience and contact them today on 1-888-460-3573.

LCD Enclosure Global – anything else is just a compromise.