LCD Enclosure Global Secure Digital Signage Projects

By | April 16, 2010

LCD Enclosure Global have a world renowned reputation for high quality LCD monitor enclosures, however recently they have been tendering on several digital signage solutions for indoor applications in locations such as Morocco, Malta, Canada, Auckland (Australia) and Hilton Head (USA).

“High end hotels seem to have bought into the concept of digital signage for promoting local businesses and charging local business owners to advertising in their hotel, as well as making the signage engage for efficient check in and check out procedures”, says Graham Gallagher owner of LCD Enclosure Global.

The demand started in January when one hotel chain in Morocco required a 40” display to be positioned in the each bedroom, on the rear of the door, so guests see the ads as they are in the room and on leaving. This hotel took a single unit then after they evaluated the solution they placed an order for a further 32 units.

Now this is putting entrepreneur hoteliers in the driving seat to make their hotels the best in the industry whilst at the same time creating an additional income stream, from the revenue generated from the local businesses.

In LCD Enclosures Global arsenal of products are the following digital signage displays, these are an “all in one solution”, the sizes range from 22” to 80” and each unit can be positioned in either portrait or landscape position.

digital, dynamic advertising screens

This simple solution allows anyone with a limited IT resource to deploy digital signage quickly and with the minimum of costs.

The benefits are:

  • Takes 20 minutes to deploy per screen
  • Can be updated easily via the USB port
  • Content is loaded onto memory card that is securely locked into the media player
  • Onboard media player

With prices starting as little as $300, this is why people are now turning to digital signage screens such as these.

indoor digital signage

This range of products goes well with their LCD enclosures, as now they can provide almost all the solutions no matter what the digital signage application.

For more information on this range of indoor signage contact LCD Enclosure Global on:

European office – +44 844 3578687

US office – 888-460-3573 (toll free)

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