LCD Enclosure Global partner with Alaskan Distributor

By | January 31, 2011

LCD Enclosure Global – Global coverage.

LCD Enclosure Global who manufacturer protective outdoor enclosures for protecting televisions and outdoor digital signage have partnered up with an Alaskan distributor to support the niche market there.

“With the recent dramatic increase in air freight to Alaska, this has put many digital signage integrators at a disadvantage, making standard installations very costly”, said Graham Gallagher owner of LCD Enclosure Global.

LCD enclosure available in Alaska.

However they have searched for a distributor in the most northern of American States and have partnered with one of the leading digital signage resellers so that a complete solution is offered. The LCD enclosures are shipped via sea freight into the Port of Cordova and from their on a 1 hour road trip to the distribution centre, from there they can be shipped throughout Alaska.

Graham commented, “This is an opportunity for digital signage to boom in Alaska, using our affordable protective LCD enclosures allows the use of standard indoor signage hardware even in extreme locations”.

This distributor goes to compliment their already growing global distribution network, they have existing distributors in Australia, Alaska, Israel, South Africa, South America and soon to sign up their Baltic distributor.

The idea behind the global distribution network is to be able to supply any size of LCD enclosure to a digital signage installer any where in the world in only a couple of days lead time.

lcd enclosure

Their full range of products can be seen at if you think you have what it takes to partner with them, do not hesitate in emailing them.

LCD Enclosure Global now can offer their affordable outdoor protection for digital signage hardware in Alaska.