LCD Enclosure Global – The Leader of the Pack

By | September 13, 2010

Outdoor digital signage is one industry that has not suffered too much form the recession due to the fact businesses need to advertising in unique ways to get their products at the forefront of their potential customers mid, this is why outdoor digital signage is so in demand.

Digital outdoor signage will be with us as long as technology advances, so there seems no end to the opportunities for companies to promote their products or services to potential buyers.

Digital signage – Why?

When a business has a product to sell the most effective method is the method that catches most potential buyers eyes, this once was referred to as the thumb nail position in printed advertising, (right hand page just above the thumb position) as this was the most effective position for advertisers, now print advertising compared to digital advertising is almost obsolete.

Now with the ability to add video and large impact images of beautiful people in the ads using digital signage, companies are using this technology to get in the mind of potential customers to update them on their new additions to their product range as well as reinforcing their brand with their loyal followers.

LCD Enclosure Global who are the worlds leading manufacturer of a unique range of LCD enclosure poled several major global suppliers of screens before they started designing and manufacturing their range of outdoor LCD enclosure, initially when people inquired over their product size range they questioned why have an outdoor LCD housing for screens up to 46” and 55”, this is why their range of sizes seemed peculiar but it was based on months of investigation, this is why they are the leaders in their field. For instance you will see competitors launching press releases claiming they are now adding this specific size of unit tot heir portfolio, proving they have not investigated the market or done enough research into the actual customer requirements.

LCD Enclosure Global – anything else is a compromise.