LCD Enclosure Global – Outdoor Digital Signage Delivery

By | July 13, 2010

With LCD Enclosure Global having their manufacturing operation in the United Kingdom, some organisations consider the shipping to countries such as America and Australia too expensive without actually finding out how much they charge.

Some of their competitors charge from US$200 for domestic shipping within in the USA and one competitor charges $450 for shipping each enclosure to the US, this makes a project unprofitable for integrators, especially when the shipping represents almost one third of the cost of the enclosure.

This is why LCD Enclosure Global charge a nominal fee for the air freight of their enclosures having worked closely with the major shipping agents to get the best deals and has in the past charged as little as US$112 per enclosure, so if you want the highest quality product on the market for a cost effective price and don’t want to feel as though you have just been mugged for the shipping costs, contact LCD Enclosure Global.

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