LCD Enclosure Global – history behind the company

By | February 11, 2010

The owner of LCD Enclosure Global, began his working life some 25 years ago as an experience engineer, after serving a 4 year apprenticeship he began working in a number of sales roles and found that he had a natural ability to match customers needs with the correct product at the most cost effective price.

Then after setting up a business manufacturing high quality enclosures for computers and printers on the factory floor, he created a division that manufactures outdoor LCD monitor enclosures, this division of the business he kept and successfully sold the computer cabinet side after increasing sales year on year.

Now he could focus on the digital signage market and see what is actually needed, after speaking to many American digital signage integrators he realised that they were paying way over the odds for outdoor LCD and plasma TV enclosures.

Now over the years he had created a team of highly skilled engineers who where all highly qualified engineers, this team then developed a range of high quality protective enclosures for outdoor digital signage locations.

After listening to the integrators, he realised that there is a gap in the market for a cost effective product that was of a high quality, the enclosures are manufactured to ISO 9001 (an European Quality Standard), so matter if you buy 1 or 101, they will all be of the same high quality.

LCD Enclosure Global’s ability to turn major projects around in incredibly short lead times proved to be a wining success, especially when quoting major projects. This came to light when quoting a project in July 2009, with only 3 manufacturers in the world, 2 are based in America and LCD Enclosure Global based in the UK all three were quoting for the project, however the 2 US manufacturers pulled out of the quotation process as the project had to be delivered in 3 weeks to site, as they where unable to meet this delivery, now LCD Enclosure Global took the challenge and delivered the project in 2 ½ weeks from receipt of order to delivery Stateside to site.

Their American customers range from Universal Studios, Wildlife Conservation Society, Rolls Royce, Bowater, Nestle and list goes on of digital signage users.

So if you want to benefit from their service and receive a high quality product at a cost effective price, you are best calling 888-460-3573 and asking for LCD Enclosure Global – anything else is a compromise.