LCD Enclosure For Digital Signage

By | January 16, 2011

LCD Enclosure For Outdoor digital signage

Many owner operated businesses have used some type of digital signage, now some are trying their hand at digital signage outdoors.

Digital signage inside mom and pop stores previously consisted of a digital poster, this is a commercial screen with a media player built into the casing, using a memory card is rather cost effective and perfect for any business owner to cut their teeth no digital signage.

As everything evolves in the electronic age, some of the digital posters now have a built in wireless media player, so the content can be updated remotely, now this is perfect for a chain of stores as the time it takes to click a mouse the entire network throughout the chain are updated, saving time and money, the reductions are calculated in the actual time it takes for an employee to update each LCD poster.

An LCD enclosure protects outdoor digital signage.

lcd enclosure

Not only are the store owners targeting the customers that enter their store, they are now deploying digital signage outdoors to attract passers by into the store with tempting promotions on seasonal items. For example one car accessory store had an over stock of anti freeze and windscreen wash (4 pallets), but they noticed that snow was due, so they created an advert targeting winter motoring promoting their overstocked items. The next day snow started falling (4” had fallen before 10 am) and within 5 hours the entire stock had been purchased by eager customers, not only increasing cash flow but also uplifting sales by putting the promotional items at the back of the store (so everyone had to walk past all the other winter motoring items) resulting in an unexpected shortage of snow chains, windscreen de-icer and scrapers.

The ability of the store owner being able to change their marketing approach so quickly was the key to their success; this could not be done using conventional methods of advertising.

So let us look at how they configured their outdoor digital signage solution. The store owner had posts mounted in their car park that had been used to hold vinyl banners, from here they mounted an LCD enclosure that housed the TV and media player running the cables from the store to the pole. One of the cables was a computer cable and this allowed the owner to update the content on the media player.

Using this configuration is more cost effective than you may think and a typical installation can cost as little as US$1400. Using this advertising medium could generate an extra income as you could ask other business owners if they would be interested in buying advertising slots on your digital signage, a regular cost for a 3 minute advert is US$100 per month, so if you got 20 advertisers this would generate US$2000 per month to use the hardware you have already paid for, so over a 12 month period you can generate a further US$24,000 for very little work and no additional investment.

The key to this solution is the LCD enclosure, without the LCD enclosure the hardware used would not cope with the outside climate and using weather proof hardware would seriously be reduced due to the high initial investment needed to create the same solution.

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