LCD Enclosure Comparison – checkout the differences

By | March 31, 2014

LCD Enclosure Comparison – What’s Different?

Over 5 years ago we designed and created the original outdoor, protective LCD enclosure, so let us look at the market and have an LCD enclosure comparison. Originally designed for either digital signage protection, or to allow manufacturers to deploy large screen displays on production lines or so that you can enjoy TV outdoor in your backyard.

Many small businesses have tried to copy our product and failed miserably, some have taken our design and half heartedly redesigned an outdoor TV enclosure, that just isn’t fit for purpose. Hopefully this LCD enclosure comparison will give the buyer more insight into the total cost of ownership.

Let us look at DOOH USA outdoor TV enclosure.

Made from steel and powder coated, this unit prevents water ingress and as we all know water is the main problem we are trying to protect the flat panel displays from. Steel will last outdoors for 7 years when coated correctly, no matter if its in direct sun, or gets covered with snow, this is why we warrant our product with a 7 year warranty.

Anyone can make an LCD enclosure box, but it’s the techy stuff inside that’s the difference.

Inside our outdoor TV enclosure, we supply as standard an internal mounting bracket for the TV, thermostatic cooling and heating, high security door locks and a toughened glass viewing window.

Why? You may ask. Well the heating and cooling is essential to ensure any moisture that does build up from the heat of the screen and the cold surface of the toughened glass is removed so that condensation does not form on any of the hardware within the housing as this will corrode the circuits.

We are asked occasionally, to remove them as people think it will reduce the cost of the housing, in reality this request or insistence will cause them problems with their screen failing.

Now let us look at LCD enclosure comparisons.

Most competitors offer protective, outdoor TV enclosures without any cooling – why? We all know these protective housings need cooling otherwise the screen will burn out! When added to the base price this makes a significant different to the price.

The lesser specified units do not offer any heating at all! They offer a silica gel solution that absorbs moisture in the air, one the gel has absorbed all the moisture this solution is next to useless. The same manufacturer makes their housing out of plastic that when placed near a heater will melt! The price difference is minimal.

Security comparison for LCD enclosures.

Only our solution has high security locks, the rest have standard cam, compression and barrel locks that are very simple to open.

LCD enclosure comparison

Protection from Vandal attacks?

If the protective housing is left in high risk areas and someone hits the viewing window, what could be the damage? We have designed our unit to withstand any impact on the window and even with the window flex, it would not touch the AV display screen.

Other solutions have the screen extremely close to the window and have to have a jet of air blown constantly between the screen and the window to prevent the hot air burning the screen! Now imagine if the same unit is hit with a rock? The screen will flex and damage the AV display, this we know for sure as we are winning contracts replacing these protective housings with our more substantial product.

Viewing window comparison.

We all know when a digital signage enclosure is used for advertising or a backyard TV, the screen has to be able to be seen, otherwise there is no point in installing a TV outdoors. We supply a window that offers anti reflective properties (nothing is 100% anti reflective), however to match our solution you would have to upgrade with all the other housing manufacturers, as they offer 1/8” thick Lexan, when we offer 1/4” toughened glass with AR.

External mounting.

Our solution can be mounted directly to any wall, ceiling or mount, unlike some units that need dedicated mounting brackets from the manufacturer.

Internal mounting frame.

We all know and understand that a TV mounting bracket is required for the display, except some manufacturers of these housings! 2 in particular supply their units without any mounting bracket for the TV and you need one so buying one from them is an opportunity for a large upsell!

Hopefully, this LCD enclosure comparison will benefit any buyer, so they know they are getting for their money.

If you want a protective, outdoor housing for your TV, you are best calling DOOH USA who have over 25 years experience manufacturing protective housings and their price is an all inclusive price with no hidden extras. If you want to know more about LCD enclosure comparison visit