LCD Enclosure –Protecting Outdoor Digital Signage Hardware

By | August 19, 2010

Outdoor digital signage has to be seen to ever have a chance of a decent return on investment, if not the project will fail, so one of the main challenges is how to protect outdoor digital signage networks.

When researching into deploying an outdoor digital signage network, as well as considering the different types and sizes of screens, you also will have to consider a media player, this can either be a wireless solution or a wired solution, allowing the audio visual manager to maintain and update the advertisements on the network.

With these screens ranging from $2,000 and the media players costing any where up to $1,500, this investment has to protected not only from the weather but also from vandalism and theft.

There are specially designed and manufactured LCD enclosures specifically for the outdoor digital signage market, these outdoor LCD enclosures are robust and come complete with a thermostatically controlled cooling and heating system that will cope with the most demanding temperatures Mother Nature can through at them. Some units even come with high security locks, actually approved safe locks but make sure you do not lose the keys!

An outdoor LCD enclosure will protect any digital outdoor signage network from abuse and will ensure your investment has a high chance of a good return on your funds.

With screens ranging in size from 36” up to and including 108 inches, finding a solution to protect the screen could be difficult however this is were a video wall comes into play, as you can arrange 46” screens to provide a massive wall of entertainment and still have the hardware protected.

One thing is certain when you complete a digital signage solution, you do not want to be wasting man hours having to send engineers back to site to make sure the screens are still working or they have not been damaged or stolen, this way an outdoor LCD enclosure would save you thousands in wasted labour costs.

LCD Enclosure Global manufacturer a range of LCD enclosures specifically for outdoor digital signage protection, their range of products will protect screens from 17″ up to and including 80″ screens, their LCD enclosure range have been supplied to theme parks, hotels but mainly to signage integrators.

LCD Enclosure Global – anything else is a compromise.

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