LCD Enclosure – When a kiosk is too big

By | November 15, 2010

LCD Enclosure Global explains:

An LCD enclosure is a versatile piece of equipment and some times come into its own when it is used for touch screen applications.

LCD enclosure

A touch screen kiosk is ideal for outdoor digital signage, it gets prospects to engage and interact with the advertising media on the screen through the touch panel and however there are occasions when a kiosk cannot be used, this can down to the foot print of the unit or actual position where it is to be located.

When a kiosk cannot be used, the only option is to use an LCD enclosure, these will accommodate all the equipment that would be stored in the kiosk, but instead of being in the centre or to the side of a room, these housings can be deployed either directly to walls or on pole mounts that bolt to the floor, maximising floor space.

LCD Enclosure.

The LCD enclosure can be fitted with Sound Audio Wave (SAW) technology or Resistive touch panel, making the LCD enclosure an interactive unit, these units can help reduce deployment and installation costs, allowing the hardware to be located in any situation from by the side of a pool, to a beach or just in the hotel car lot, these LCD enclosures are really versatile.

They can even be adapted to house a digital poster or digital menu board, should a client want to protect their investment, as the price of a digital poster or digital menu board is far less than the cost of an outdoor solution even when you have added the cost of the LCD enclosure.

These units are available in black as standard and available in custom colours for quantities of 30 or more, providing the colour is a standard RAL number, ideal for corporate branding, making any digital signage campaign stand out from the rest.

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