LCD Enclosure – Various Kinds Of Units

By | December 3, 2010

LCD Enclosure – Various Kinds Of Units

An LCD enclosure is available in different materials; discover why the different materials are used.

Normally an LCD enclosure is manufactured from mild steel and powder coated to provide the relevant protection for outdoor digital signage, here the enclosure will be subjected to all kinds of weather form rain, snow, sleet and high temperatures, so ensure the enclosure you choose for outdoor digital signage protection has been hot dipped in zinc to prevent corrosion.

LCD enclosure – Why Hot dipped?

If the LCD enclosure is not hot dipped in a zinc compound, this compound forms a galvanised finish on the base metal that protects from rust attacking the steel. Then the steel LCD enclosure is then powder coated, the reason fro this process is that if for some reason such as a vandal or hooligan tries to damage the enclosure and chips the top coat of paint, the base material is still protected by the galvanised coating, otherwise the base material will start to rust and the enclosure eventually will have to be replaced before it should.

So next time you are looking for a steel LCD enclosure, ask them if it is hot dipped and get them to give you addition information, if they have to email you later, they obviously do not know their product and more than likely will not hot dip the enclosures.

Stainless steel LCD enclosure.

lcd enclosure

Now in some applications, customers require a stainless steel unit, this could be in a food environment or just used to display factory information systems, and the entire plant is washed down at the end of every working day.

Stainless steel material is available in three types Ferritic, Austenitic and Martensitic, these contain different compounds and there is only one that has the most Chromium (this is a corrosion inhibitor), so ask any potential what material their stainless steel is and if they do actually manufacturer them they will know instantly.

However they are several LCD enclosure manufacturers who buy in components from third world suppliers, getting the lowest priced product possible and assemble them, the problem with this is they will have no control over the material used, so you have no idea and they cannot guarantee what material the product will be made from.

However, LCD Enclosure Global who is a manufacturer can even supply material test certificates that the product purchased was made from.

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