LCD Enclosure – Safeguard against Winter Damage

By | December 1, 2010

LCD Enclosure – Safeguard against Winter Damage

An LCD enclosure is the perfect way to protect any outdoor digital signage throughout winter, when temperatures can get as low as -20 Fahrenheit.

LCD Enclosure – Alround protection.

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When an outdoor digital signage project is thought out and planned, usually the hardware is protected, not just for the winter, but all through the year. For instance, if the hardware was not cooled enough during the spring or summer the screen and media player will simply cook inside the enclosure, this is why the cooling system that is supplied with any outdoor LCD enclosure is thermostatically controlled, some even have the facility to send an email when a sudden rise in internal temperature to the audio-visual manager who can shut down the hardware remotely.

Then on the other end of the year, when winter arrives, we have to look at heating, so the better LCD enclosure manufacturers offer the heaters with a thermostatic control, so that the internal heater can start to heat the hardware inside before it gets to cold and causes untold damage.

There are many manufacturers who offer a cooling system that is not thermostatically controlled, offering this is an optional extra, however you do have to question their experience in the industry as the most effective way is to cool the inside of the enclosure as and when required, not have a fan unit working all the time – this is not good for business or for the planet using unnecessary energy.

Organisations understand the need to build in to their projects some kind of disaster policy, this could be from something like a hurricane to the digital signage being damaged or stolen, but the most effective way is to put them into an LCD enclosure that offers control over the cooling and heating with thermostats as standard.

When the above points are considered, an installation in March should have the same protection as an installation in November.

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