LCD Enclosure – Mobile Digital Signage

By | November 29, 2010

LCD Enclosure – Mobile Digital Signage

Mobile digital signage is a sector within outdoor digital signage that is booming, so much so some companies are installing an LCD enclosure on the sides of delivery trucks.

LCD enclosure – Ultimate Protection.

With more and more organisations realising that they have valuable advertising real estate on their company vehicles, they are starting to cash in on prime real estate, by integrating outdoor digital signage into their vehicles, so that when the delivery truck is in traffic, pedestrians on the sidewalk can see from both sides of the vehicle the advertisements, this is an ideal marketing plan when there is a traffic jam, as more and more people will take note of the dynamic advertising campaigns.

lcd enclosure

But there is one large problem and that is the LCD and plasma screens, need protecting, not only from the weather, dust and other vehicles but also form pedestrians, just imagine the injure a pedestrian would receive if they walked out on a truck and accidentally collided with the LCD screen, they could be disfigured for life.

Hence the reason that one company is investing in a range of LCD enclosure, these protective TV housings offer all the protection needed to work efficiently whilst helping the company earn a residual income from the advertising displayed on the television screens.

The reason they chose LCD enclosures, is that almost any manufacturer of TV screen would fit a set range of enclosures, making the deployment very affordable allowing the audio visual department to purchase low cost domestic televisions that are designed for the home.

These LCD enclosures attach to the delivery vehicles sides with all the cables including power and internet are fed, the internet is supplied through the 3G connection and GPS system inside the vehicle so updates can be scheduled, or done on the fly from the central office or even using GPS, so geographical targeted advertising for restaurant and hotels are displayed in local areas.

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