LCD display enclosures – Backyard to the shopping mall

By | May 24, 2010

LCD display enclosures are becoming increasingly popular, due to the amount of large format screens being used either in the garden or the shopping malls for digital signage.

These screens have become very popular due to the dramatic fall in prices, now a 50” LED display with the latest technology is available for $2400, so even TV models that are a few months old are below $900, putting a flat panel TV in the reach of almost everyone.

This is another reason why we see these flat panel enclosures popping up in un-usual locations, such as in zoos, aquariums, transportation hubs, shopping malls and airports. But as we all know these panels are fine indoors, when in a supervised location as a train station or museum, but challenges arise when the flat panel displays are put outdoors as they need sophisticated protection from the weather and vandalism.

Commercial use.

Here the panels are connected to media players that are either wired or wireless and connect to the internet so the content can be uploaded, so regular, fresh content can be seen to tempt shoppers into their stores. Some of these media players can even “zone” particular parts of the screen to run certain applications, such as weather information, national news updates with the main zone being used for targeted advertising.

In the backyard.

Here you can just chill out and distress from the everyday grind of business. Here is an opportunity to spend even longer in the garden. With the lower cost options for hot tubs and outdoor kitchens, people are seeing their spare time increase with the use of their backyard. So why not add an outdoor TV?

Main Challenges.

Two of the main challenges are the weather and vandalism, let us take vandalism first, this could be an accident with the children running to wide for the ball and missing it when another child has thrown it and it hits the outdoor TV.

Now let us look at the main challenge – the weather. Any type of moisture is no good for a screen, so this has to be addressed and it is easily done with an LCD enclosure, these flat screen enclosures bolts direct to the wall and completely wrap round the TV, providing a safe space for it to work in. Then when you add a heater, it is ideal for winter months in the hot tub outside and you can still watch the TV in the comfort of your backyard – can any of your work colleagues do this? I doubt it!

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