LCD display enclosures

By | May 27, 2010

LCD display enclosures come under different names, so let us discover what they are and where they are used, as these are called and in many different applications.

LCD display enclosures.
This is normally associated with an LCD screen, mostly to protect the LCD from people, for example in a waiting area at a doctor. Here the screen has to be set and left so that the channel and volume can not be changed by any un-authorised person, so an LCD display enclosure is needed these are a lower class security unit that covers the front portion of the screen with adequate ventilation and an anti reflective viewing window. However the LCD display functions perfectly well with no limitations.

Advantages – Cost effective, prevent anyone who does not have authority to change the channel or volume. Used in all indoor applications.

Outdoor LCD enclosure.
As the name suggests, these are designed and used for outdoor protection. These offer vandal protection for outdoor digital signage hardware, as well as providing the relevant protection from the weather, as the weather can terminate a digital network campaign that is not protected properly.

These outdoor LCD enclosures are built to provide the best protection possible. These are bolted to an external wall or bracket then the LCD display is then mounted on to the internal TV mounting frame, once secured into position the screen is then connected to the relevant cables then the internal thermostat that controls the internal cooling and heating system is set, the front access door is closed and locked, then the unit is ready to be run.

Advantages – Provides all year round protection from the weather and vandalism, used outdoors in backyards nears hot tubs and in digital signage applications. Can be used in temperatures from -30 to 150 Fahrenheit, also some units come with air conditioning units that can be remotely monitored.

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