LCD Digital Poster For Indoor Digital Signage

By | May 4, 2010

An LCD digital poster is the most flexible way to enter the digital signage market and is ideal for almost any business due to the low cost, low deployment cost and almost anyone who can transfer images from a digital camera and use a remote control for the TV can configure an LCD digital poster.

LCD digital poster

Electronic signage is sprouting in almost every location you go in to, I recently went into my local garage to collect my car for a service and there on the wall was a 26” digital poster, this was perfect not to big and not to small. The content on the display was a speeded up (time lapsed) video of a car having its engine removed and then the cars the garage had for sale, I asked the mechanic if the digital advertising had helped with sales and he told me that his sales had increased by 23% since he put it there.

What makes them popular is that they are perfect for the technophobe, there is nothing you can do wrong, you create the content then store it on the memory card, insert the memory card into the built in media player, secure the locked compartment then plug the unit it and using the remote control, access the on screen menu.

From the onscreen menu, you can control the scrolling text, make it larger or smaller, increase the scroll speed or decrease it. You can control the orientation of the screen, so you can mount it portrait or landscape put the memory card in and rotate the content to suit your position, without having to move the position of the LCD digital poster.

You can even use a calendar facility to set what day you wish the unit to operate, and even to what time you want it to come on and shut down, so no one has to worry about switching it off or on, in the future.

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