LCD advertising screen – when and where to use them.

By | August 3, 2011

LCD advertising screen for high impact ads

An LCD advertising screen is ideal for providing dynamic, advertising to promote a product or service for a company, but understanding what is available is essential to make the right decision as to when and where to use them.

Let us look at the different types of LCD advertising screen that are available, this will depend on how the customer intends on updating and refreshing content and ranges from a standalone solution to a network enabled LCD advertising screen.

Standalone LCD advertising screen

These LCD advertising screen solutions have a built in media player and can be either wall mounted or floor standing. The content is stored on a memory card that is inserted into the media player, the restriction comes in the capacity of the memory card and when you need to update content someone has to either switch the memory card that has new, fresh content or using a flash drive update the content and over right the previous adverts.

As a side note, most content creators prefer to supply their ads in Flash format, unfortunately a standalone solution will not support flash, however it can be converted into another format the media players will play with very little quality loss, saying that this range of LCD advertising screen is the most cost effective way to dip your toe into digital signage.

Network enabled LCD advertising screen.
This range of hardware has a built in hard drive with a capacity of 160GB and is run on Linux operating system and will display Flash content. An LCD advertising screen can be connected to either a wired Internet connection or using a wireless adapter connecting to the internet using wireless technology.

Both solutions have speakers to audio can be used in the presentations to interact with consumers and potential customers. Another option is to have a section below the screen as a literature storage unit, the literature could be linked to the adverts on the LCD advertising screen and any interested person can take the relevant information away with them, such as a bank promoting a special interest rate for students.

lcd advertising screen

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