LCD Advertising Displays Used In Digital Signage

By | June 21, 2010

Digital signage is a huge emerging market that is set to rocket and is one of the industries that has not been affected by the recession.

Why is that you may ask? Well as you can appreciate every business no matter how large or small needs to advertise their products or services, however compared to old fashioned advertising such as printed posters and flyers, digital signage is instant – well almost.

lcd advertising display

Content can be created easily using easily accessed free software on-line, then all that the user has to do is to drag and drop the content on to a media card, then insert the card into the LCD advertising display, securing the media player compartment and then switching the large LCD screen on to access the on board menu, from here you can control every aspect of your digital advertising campaign.

The menu allows you to call up the content in the order you want, you can select the dwell time of each image, the transitions between each image, rotation of video and including MP3 audio.

You can even set the unit to power up at a set time, ideally when the store is about to open and power off when the store is closed, so once the media is in the player and you have set the menu up on screen you can walk away and the LCD advertising display will run the same content every day, until you change the content and this is easily achieved by using a flash drive. Once new content is produced, save it to the drive and go to each location and insert the USB drive into the connector on the media player and the content updates.

These LCD advertising displays come in a range of sizes from 46” up to 80”, these are one of the most cost effective and easiest ways to have a digital advertising solution.

LCD Enclosure Global supply a range of LCD advertising displays as well as manufacturing outdoor flat screen enclosures.

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