LCD advertising displays – setting them up.

By | February 5, 2012

LCD advertising displays.

LCD advertising displays are increasing in demand due to the ease of use and simplicity of configuring them, resulting in professional high impact digital signage campaigns, anyone can achieve.

Setting up LCD advertising displays.

LCD advertising displays

LCD advertising displays for affordable signage

When people see these LCD advertising displays they become intimidated with the technology, but believe me there is a simple way to set anyone of them up and will endeavor to bring to you the easiest possible way that you can create professional looking advertising campaigns using LCD advertising displays.

3 steps to LCD advertising displays success.

1) Unpack the product and make sure all the components are present according to the packing list. Then find the remote control and the manual, select a flat, secure area to locate the LCD advertising displays so they are in the locations you intended, then power the unit up. Now press the power on button on the remote control and you will see the main menu picture.

2) Content for the LCD advertising displays.

When adding content to a blank memory card, the simplest way is as follows: Once the media is ready and completed on a computer, this can be imported onto the memory card, either CF or SD cards are used as they are more reliable, then insert the memory card into the player.

3) Create a play list.

Here you now have 2 choices, the first is create a new play list, or load existing play list. Now if you create a new play list you can schedule when the ads will display. For example you may have a restaurant and want to market breakfast items early morning, with lunch items marketed before mid day.

You can add images and MP3 music, however the images must be added first. If you intend on using mainly video a CF is the industry preference. Insert the memory card and the ads are then scrolled through.

How is the content updated on the LCD advertising displays?

Using the content creator editor in the media player, create the content and then save it to a USB drive, insert the drive into the media player and using the menu on screen, over right the old content.

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