LCD ad players used for emergency updates.

By | February 13, 2013

LCD ad players for emergencies.

With the recent incidents at universities and schools in America, LCD ad players are being used to inform of any emergency updates, ensuring both students and staff are safe.

Why use LCD ad players?

LCD ad players

LCD ad player is one of the most cost-effective advertising mediums on the market, it allows business owners to control 100 per cent of their advertising one. No more will they have to put the advertising in someone Else’s hands. Everything can be done in house; from a single laptop or computer and anyone can have an LCD ad player working within 15 minutes of receiving it.

LCD ad player allows businesses to provide marketing material that is both entertaining and informative; some businesses in New York use the LCD ad players on the run up to Hurricane Sandy, to update staff and visitors alike of the emergency procedure in the event of a hurricane.

There are many reasons why an LCD ad players are used, these are as follows:

  • They are cost-effective
  • Require little skill to set up
  • Look extremely professional
  • New offers can be updated in seconds
  • Return on Investment is quick

LCD ad player used in outdoor advertising.

LCD ad players used outdoor for digital advertising purposes also need protection, and this is when an LCD ad player enclosure is required. These protective anti vandal display enclosures provide all the protection from physical attacks and theft as well as the weather.

Outdoor advertising using digital signage solutions such as an LCD ad player have grown in popularity due to the cost effectiveness and simplicity the hardware solution offers. A digital signage solution can be open running within 15 minutes of taking delivery of the hardware providing you have created the content in advance.

Putting an LCD ad player outside without any protection is not only foolhardy but risking the investment already paid out for the hardware, as you would certainly not leave a computer out in the rain. The same hazards for the computer can be said for the LCD ad player and should any moisture get inside the LED ad player it would certainly fail. This is why when they are being used outdoors an LCD ad player needs to be protected with an anti-vandal display enclosure. This not only protects the hardware from the climate but also from any vandals or thieves.

When to use an LCD ad player.

An LCD ad player can be used for any type of both indoor and outdoor digital signage campaign; these electronic information boards provide all information in various formats to make sure that the information is both informative and entertaining.

Universities use this type of information boards, so that everyone within the campus knows exactly what’s going on, when it is going on and what to do in an emergency.

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