Kiosks – 3 Key Points To Consider.

By | December 4, 2009

When deploying any kiosk for digital signage, there are three fundamental questions that you have to consider, failure to do this can kill your project.

1. Location.
A kiosk that is going to be deployed outdoors would not benefit from being manufactured from wood as timber would break down over time and crack with water wicking. On the other hand a stainless steel enclosure would look out of place in a church, so finding the balance is the point to watch here.

An outdoor enclosure has to be more robust compared to a kiosk that is going indoors and if the unit is to go up against a wall it is no good if you have to access the hardware from a rear access panel, here the solution would be a front accessed unit.

2. Footprint.
Once the location has been finalised, the next point to look at is if space is at a premium, if so a wall mounted unit is required, but if there is plenty of space a freestanding kiosk is what is needed. A client may want their kiosk to stand out from the rest and may want it larger or an unusual shape.

In gambling establishments the kiosks that dispense cash and tokens are bolted to the floor so extra floor space is needed, with servicing from the front access panel otherwise servicing the machine is going to make life difficult.

3. Application.
What will the kiosk be used for? Will customers pay bills here? If so a card swipe has to be integrated into the kiosk, if the kiosk is to be used for any cash transactions, extra security measures will need to be in place.

Units that dispense products have to be large enough to store as well as dispense the product. It would be no good if the stock ran out after 2 or 3 days from being restocked due to lack of storage.

Using these three points will help you in the future – good luck with your deployment.

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