Kiosk Enclosure –Think Outside the Box for Success.

By | December 10, 2009

Image is everything – when a business is selling a product or service, image can attract customers like a magnet or the marketing campaign can be left dead in the water.

When a company has recognised a need for a kiosk and the likely stream of usage without affecting and branding or marketing activity that grabs passing customers, they tend to rely on kiosks to for selling their range of products or services.

Enclosure = Marketing Tool.
When deploying enclosures you have to consider what the hook is and how it is used to attract customers? The enclosure can be designed to catch customer’s eyes and create a buzz.

The way to create eye catching units is to feature bright, bold images that can also be used in branding your products or services. Another option is to integrate speakers into the kiosk and can be used when customers do not notice the digital signage, appealing to other senses.

When designing the enclosure or kiosk it has to be bold and cry out to passers by Use me!

When a Retailer’s workforce needs educating on a new product or service, kiosks can be used for the employees to buy into using the kiosks and in turn those workers then direct customers to the kiosks for any additional information. The only problem occurs when a small minority of employees are frightened of the kiosk thinking the kiosks will replace their position/job.

This is totally wrong, as employers can use those workers in other ways, such as stacking shelves and helping customers in a face to face situation. These workers can be the kiosk ambassadors and even take customers to the kiosk and give them a demonstration on how it works – reinforcing the bond between the business and the customer.

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