Joint Commission Compliant Television Enclosures

By | September 14, 2018

ProEnc’s Joint Commission (JCAHO) television enclosures are available in a number of sizes. But the concerning issue is that other companies are claiming that their product is compliant when we have had feedback that the rivals solution is not complaint!

Joint Commission Compliant Television Enclosures

ProEnc’s approval process.

Over the past 9 years ProEnc have had to supply numerous television cases to JCAHO so that the design can be tested independently and their product passed the rigorous inspections. ProEnc also work on recommendations from leading architects having the most accreditation for mental health and correctional facility compliance.

The Issues Within The Industry.

ProEnc is the only company to have an approved compliant solution, as the industry is self-regulated and ProEnc, who are not aware of any other company having had their enclosure tested independently. The claims of compliance are from the manufacturers who have NO formal compliance approval, which does put the legal ownership on the facility that is purchasing as they should do their due diligence. The facilities should seek professional help through architects who advise the facility on expansions and refurbishments.

ProEnc is the only company with formal JCAHO television enclosure approval.

It seems that after ProEnc received formal approval and launched their product online, their competitors thought they could do something similar, as our Patents prevent copying! So instead of getting formal approval they’re just thinking of the profits! This is why ProEnc’s surface mounted enclosure is the leading anti-ligature solution in the world as it is the only 4 sloping sided enclosure, preventing material being looped around the case to self-harm.

Customer Issues for Joint Commission Compliant Television Enclosures.

ProEnc repeatedly have a support section taking calls from frustrated customers who have purchased competitors enclosures (NOT from ProEnc) and phone ProEnc to see if they can assist with making the solution work! This could be due to the name ProEnc has in the Industry as being the innovator of the anti-ligature TV enclosure.

Range of ProEnc’s products.

ProEnc have designed their famous wall mounted TV cabinet, as well as a recessed TV enclosure – that really is fully recessed! With nothing else that complies with either the Joint Commission or PSOs requirements.

For all ProEnc’s anti-ligature solutions contact them on (862) 234-5981 to discuss your requirements knowing that with ProEnc you will be getting Joint Commission Compliant Television Enclosures.