Jail Video Visitation – What Is It All About?

By | June 26, 2017

What is Actually going on with Jail Video Visitation?

So let’s look into what really is, jail video visitation…A prison guard, just as the head warden, has the responsibility to keep his staff, the prisoner and members of the public safe from harm. This includes visitation rights and court appearances. So what is the alternative to being transported via a prison van, which can cause all sorts of problems; from the prisoner escaping custody, to being hijacked with intent to release the prisoner and other consequences?

jail video visitation

A video link is the answer to jail video visitations.

This technology has been around for many years, but for some reason it is proving more popular now, maybe because of litigation claims for injury. Minimising the risks is key to keeping everyone safe. There are also other reasons for a court video link, like a child be interviewed in a case or a disabled person being unable to get to the court house. And if prisoner is of a volatile nature, restricting them to a room within the prison facility is a better option. It causes least disruption to everyone involved too. Also there is a confidentiality issue in an open court room – where as, a video link can be between the minimum number of people for privacy, yet within the laws of the state.

As long as the law is followed, then there is no problem in using video conferencing. It offers a fluid link between two parties over the internet, so using a secure internet connection and checking there is likely to be no interference or interruption, then the proceedings should go ahead as planned. Once the electronic hardware and program software is installed and up and running, then the cost is minimal compared to how much it costs to transport a prisoner from jail to a court for a hearing. Then of course, there may be more than one court appearance – there could be two or three others; evidence, questioning, summing up and sentencing; again additional costs and risks.

Being accountable for safety and risks to everyone involved is paramount over costs, yet this option is so much more cost effective. All the videos are recorded for future reference and can be easily checked for specific points within the case. This is an additional feature compared to the current system of appearing in court. Notes are always taken of the proceedings, but having video evidence may actually be needed for miscarriages of justice, so it is a fair system for both parties.

Installing the required cameras and connecting devices has minimal effect and interruption for jails and detention centres. So, for either personal visitations from family and friends or in the place of a court appearance a video link is the safest, economical and fairest option.

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