Is outdoor digital signage dead?

By | July 21, 2011

Outdoor digital signage Dead?

Some people thought a few years ago that outdoor digital signage would fade out and die, but when we look at the market now we see digital advertising in almost every location conceivable.

We know for sure is that outdoor digital signage is not dead, as our range of LCD enclosures have been successfully deployed in locations spanning the world including Australia, America, Canada, Hawaii, Russia, Finland, Sweden and not forgetting numerous countries in Europe.

These protective, outdoor LCD enclosures allow restaurant owners to deploy their adverts and menus outside for a very cost effective price and providing a talking point in the community. They also help in the fact they allow restaurants to comply with a recent bill that states that all food items must display the dietary information for the product.

In the past few months we have successfully shipped floor standing LCD ad players in sizes 42” and 55” that where network enabled to Pakistan and Sierra Leone. The first solution will be used in a tile company to display their unique range of tiles and how easy it is to fit them. The units supplied to Sierra Leone where deployed in the airport to sell products to visitors.

In recent months we have been asked to product a special product dedicated for the outdoor digital signage industry, this uses commercial screens in the portrait position and can be used in climates that range from -20 to 64 Celsius. The outdoor digital signage totem has also been supplied with a touch screen panel making the solution an interactive solution, allowing interaction between the consumer and advertiser.

 Outdoor digital signage.

outdoor digital signage

Also there is the video wall market, this is when thin bezel screens are mounted on a wall in groups, these can be in a 2 x 2 configuration and using the thin bezel displays allows the advertisers to show large ads that appears uninterrupted due to the thin bezel.

What does the future hold? Well we are working on 4 new products that will revolution outdoor digital signage and these will be launched in November 2011, so keep your eyes open as the products will be launched in the digital signage press.

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