Is it the Death of LCD and Plasma TV’s used in Digital Signage?

By | July 6, 2009

Well it’s not time to through them in the skip, however a new technology called OLED displays could push LCD and plasma televisions into the background, making them redundant before they should be.

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitted Diode screens, this is not a new technology as it has been around for a number of years, when Sony launched an 11” display last year for $2,500 the industry thought they had gone insane, not now…

OLED’s have a larger colour range compared with LCD displays, as well as being thinner and using less energy than a plasma display.

With the recession hitting so hard, the retail rollout has been held back, the three main players in this field have got products ready to roll; Sony, Samsung & LG.

Samsung have a 14 inch and 31 inch display production ready, LG confirmed they have a 15 inch display ready for shipping in December 09.

Apple are also working with the idea of putting OLEDS into their range of iPod Touch media players by the end of 2009.

One of the reasons OLED’s should become more popular is that they are built with fewer parts than it’s LCD counterparts, making them less expensive to manufacture. With a typical LCD display taking 100 steps to manufacture a similar OLED only takes 86 steps.

Flexible OLEDs will be a product of the future, allowing the displays to be bend or folded and still work, flexible OLEDs will be easier to integrate into a HDTV case and are perfect for outdoor digital signage.