Ipad used for Digital Signage

By | October 25, 2011

The iPad increased use for digital signage

The Apple iPad has been growing in use since it’s launch, due to the new iPad these gadgets have been used to display digital signage.

Why use an iPad for digital signage?

Well these gadgets are so sleek and versatile and now business owners are realizing that they can use their iPad to promote their services. For example a plastic surgeon can display some none intrusive procedures on their iPad in the reception area, so clients can see them and have an idea of what you could expect from them.

One high end restaurant uses an iPad to recommend wine to go with their dinner selection, and since the launch of this their sales have increased by 23% on the same period last year.

Ipad and possible problems in public areas


When any high demand product is put into a public area, it results in possible theft or worse still, damage! So if the iPad is to be use in public places, it had to be protected from theft or damage, the most cost effective way it to enclosure the ipad in a steel, ventilated case that is locked with high specification locks.

Now digital signage can be cost effective by putting the ipad into an iEnclosure from LCD Enclosure Global Limited, having successfully won a project for 82 units for a chain of Quick Serve Restaurants, they decided to add the product to their portfolio.

One major factor with the design of the iEnclosure is that it is manufactured from thick steel with a toughened glass viewing window, these were found to be more robust than a product made from Lexan, as when put under the same pressure the Lexan product shattered, also there where difficulties in locking the Lexan unit properly, but not with the steel iEnclosure.

LCD Enclosure Global Ltd manufacture a range of LCD enclosures for protecting outdoor digital signage as well as protecting ipad units when used for digital signage.