ProEnc’s Interactive Outdoor Advertising Kiosk

By | May 13, 2018

ProEnc’s interactive outdoor advertising kiosk is used by leading brands as well as entrepreneurial business owners to develop their brand awareness. Their interactive outdoor advertising kiosk enables the advertiser to engage with customers even when the store is closed.

So what is an interactive outdoor advertising kiosk?

An interactive outdoor advertising kiosk is an advertising kiosk that is used in high footfall areas to engage with potential customers 24 hours per day. For example a sporting goods brand may have a range of trainers, so you click on the style you like, check out the colours, then the size and in some instances you can even scan a QR code to your cell phone and then order the trainers online using your cell. Alternatively you can find the nearest retail outlet and visit them to purchase the item of interest.

interactive outdoor advertising kiosk

Each interactive outdoor advertising kiosk comes with a protective steel outer case that is weather proof, preventing rain, snow and sand entering the case and harming the sensitive hardware.

Within the outdoor case, the sunlight bright screen is mounted in portrait (usually), but some designs allow for landscape screens too! The screens have a multi-point touch overlay that is accurate to 0.2mm – less than the thickness of a human hair. So when anyone touches the screen the results are extremely accurate, making for a positive customer experience.

The touch screen and content are all controlled through the built in computer/media player, which is remotely updated. The computer can either be run on Android or Windows depending on the clients marketing content.

Who uses interactive outdoor advertising kiosks?

If a brand such as Breitling watches launches a new style or model of watch, they use interactive advertising kiosks to promote the entire range of watches as well as integrating the new “just launched” range, which is usually endorsed by a celebrity.

The brand Chanel uses interactive outdoor advertising kiosks to promote their range of fragrances, fashion, fine jewellery and watches.

interactive outdoor advertising kiosk

Car dealerships use touch screen outdoor advertising kiosks to showcase the range of vehicles they have access to, the dealership may be part of a national company so a buyer in Florida may see a vehicle that is available in California through the outdoor advertising kiosk. A customer searching for a vehicle can select what they are looking for; truck, sedan, coupe, SUV, then colour, number of doors, until the selection has narrowed down to the “customer’s ideal vehicle”.

Restaurants such as McDonald’s use these outdoor touchscreen advertising kiosks, so you can order the meal you want, the way you want it.

Updating content to an interactive outdoor advertising kiosk.

Content is key, so when a brand has a new product launch, depending if it’s a national or local launch the customer will have to ensure all the new advertisements go live at the same time, promoting the new product to ensure maximum exposure and ROI.

The content is stored on the internal hard drive of the kiosk’s computer which is connected to a hard wired network or in some instances a WiFi connection, then the advertising controller can update the new content from their head office to the hard drive simultaneously across a network of digital kiosks.

Everything can be controlled remotely, from software updates through to setting day – parting and dwell time of the ads.

Day-parting is when different offers are promoted at different times of the day; dwell time is the length of time the adverts are displayed for before moving on to the next ad.

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