Interactive Digital Signage used in Hospitals

By | October 8, 2013

Interactive Digital Signage solutions.

Interactive digital signage is a modern alternative to display everything to do with the life of a hospital or medical facility.
Advantages include:

  • Wayfinding digital signage for patients, staff and visitors around a vast campus
  • Planning strategies for operations, appointments in other departments and care plans
  • Staff rotas, nurses station notes and on-call emergency doctors
  • Cleaning routines for wards and theaters
  • Bed management
  • Emergency information; including evacuation, lock down or incoming traumas
  • Displaying information for aftercare, confirming appointments or alternative therapy
  • It is both cost efficient and improves the efficiency of the hospital.

All of the above can be uploaded at the click of a button, no employee has to wipe off/write on, change a paper poster, or replace information, as it is very easy to alter, amend and revise changes in ‘real time’ and without having to visit each site of a poster. Electronic digital posters can be networked or programmed independently; depending on the hospital requirements. Another advantage is that the screens can be interactive (also known as touch screen), so that people can utilize the information via a built in sensor on the viewing screen. This acts as a keyboard and is commonly found in other applications, like ATMs, libraries and electronic tablets. Again it eliminates unnecessary repairs to the keyboard, with its moving parts. The interactive digital signage screens are fairly robust and suitable for general handling by the public, though caution should be observed to reduce wilful (or accidental) damage, as the screens are an initial expense.

interactive digital signage

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Stats for interactive digital signage solutions.

Much analytical statistics can be derived from the information input from patients, staff and the public, as relevant studies can produce anything and everything from achievement targets, cost saving exercises and workflow. Patient’s medical statuses can be updated in real time, without unnecessary delay or lost notes from department to department. One of the most effective ways of displaying data for both patients and employees is to use symbols, colours and animations as studies show we process information more accurately this way than reading text, and so in a stressful situation, it is more applicable than scanning a lengthy passage of words.


Who else uses digital signage in hospitals?

Well, not only the departments we see, but those behind the scenes, like the radiology department and laboratory technicians, who can all input relevant data for patients’ records. The information can be displayed on hand held electronic devices, like tablet, but also on landscape digital signage screens, for the medical staff to see clearly. Any confidential information is, of course, kept private and not displayed for general viewing.

So interactive screens, in hospital has many uses from digital signage used for directions, to ‘up to the minute’ medical information and outpatient appointment registration. Combining the digital signage with the hospital software is something that is developing all the time, as more medical facilities engage in this new technology. There are many possibilities for this cost effective solution to traditional forms of displaying information and keeping everybody in the loop.

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