Interactive Digital Signage Increases Customer Retention

By | August 1, 2013

Interactive Digital Signage Solutions

There’s a reason why interactive digital signage (IDS) has become all the rage nowadays, and that’s because it is literally changing the way retailers and their customers interact. In this day and age, you’re not just competing with the shop downtown but the Internet shops as well. But studies have shown that interactivity boosts customer retention in stores and it’s easy to see why.

Interactive Digital Signage – What is it All about?

interactive digital signage

For all the benefits of online shopping like reviews and detailed product descriptions, you still can’t get your hands on the item you want. With interactive digital signage you can provide customers with all the information they want and they’ll be able to buy the product and bring it home. Just as social media is changing the way people communicate, so is IDS transforming the way people shop.

By using interactive digital signage you’ll be able to provide detailed product descriptions and deliver the item instantly. At the same time you can configure the system so it captures metrics and target messages that will help you learn more about your customers’ needs and wants.

With traditional digital signage, it is strictly one way and you are essentially pushing items towards your customers. With interactive digital signage it is more like Facebook as you can engage with customers, and you allow them to choose what they want to see, and they don’t feel like you are forcing them to view this or that.

The Benefits of Interactive Digital Signage

Interactive digital signage, studies have shown, helps increase sales and leads to improved customer service without adding staff personnel. By adding interactivity, your store can offer promos in a timely manner and tie in your website with your store seamlessly.

Furthermore, this system allows shoppers to buy and ship items on their own, something that they enjoy doing.

Interactive digital signage also makes it easy to update product information and add reviews just like online retailers do. Without interactivity, a customer has to wait for a knowledgeable salesperson to address their inquiry, and this can be a frustrating experience.

With touchscreen signage customers can easily find what they need. In addition, shoppers can avail of research options and find out whether the item they are looking for is in stock.

But that’s not the only benefit that interactive digital signage can bring, as you can use them to provide local info and give regular customers with access to customized information and offer specials and coupons. Once you have accumulated all the information, you can analyse the results and learn what your customers want, helping improve your service and eventually lead to higher sales. Apart from being interactive, IDS will perform the same tasks that the typical signage can, providing product information and even the local news and weather.

By implementing IDS, you’ll get real time metrics so you can try various content offers and promos without incurring huge expenses. And because interactive digital signage allows you to add information, setting up a customer loyalty programe will be easy.

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