Interactive Digital Posters and Indoor Digital Signage

By | May 7, 2010

With indoor digital signage moving so quickly, we have seen the humble digital photo frame turn in to massive LCD displays up to 80” running video and audio presentations, now these are going interactive.

Businesses no matter how large or small are benefiting from this type of marketing, one hair salon has deployed five 22 inch interactive digital posters, these work in two ways, firstly the ladies can choose which hair styles and even use the inbuilt webcam to take a picture of themselves and try the different hairstyles to make sure they like the look. Secondly, this is an excellent way for the salon to get referral business whilst charging a premium for the styling as well as uplifts in sales from the hair products.

These are also being used in car dealerships freeing up the salesman’s time, customers can browse the range of vehicles the dealer has to offer, including the interiors, exterior colours and extras, until the customer has a complete shopping list and then through the digital poster gets a completed price, he can then call a salesman over to place his order.

touch screen digital poster

The content is the same as a none interactive digital poster, however the screen is split into segmented sections, each segment is touch sensitive and all you do just like a website is create folders and put the relevant content in the correct folder, for example in the car dealership you would put all the interior images into the interior folder, same with the exterior product information, this basic organisation will result in a very successful project.

It is a known fact that when you as a business owner engage a consumer they spend more in your store, this interactive engage is perfect for this environment, because as we all know the last thing a customer wants is a pushy salesman asking if they can help.

LCD Enclosure Global now offer these interactive touch digital posters to car dealerships, hair salons for indoor digital signage as well as manufacturing their range of LCD enclosures that are used for outdoor digital signage solutions.

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