Interactive Digital Learning – For the factory floor & school class room.

By | January 7, 2010

Digital signage is so flexible it can now be used for Interactive Digital Learning, this is the ability to transfer training and information over a distance and can be run through digital signage hardware reducing further costs.

Now all that needs to be done is put digital signage onto the factory floor, this is being deployed as we speak as many organisations are using them to show visitors their product range and the services they offer.

The advantages of interactive digital learning are as follows:

• Training can be made throughout a company in almost unlimited locations
• Terminates inconsistent training, with one tutor
• Reduces travel and accommodation costs when attending these events
• Lowers costs of training sessions
• Ensures greater productivity with the latest production techniques and best practices

Compare this to the traditional way we have trained staff in the past, (the expensive way) by setting up 3-4 day training sessions for lead trainers, who stop over in hotels that are centrally located to your business locations.

When the lead trainers return to their own location they then break the training down to manageable time slots and deliver it to the relevant staff. This can lead to the lead trainers putting their own slant on what they learned at their training session.

The same principles can be utilised in the class room, for updating teachers on new teaching practices, this reduces the amount of teachers off site attending training courses. This could be instead of inset days and this could also give teachers more holidays as the need for inset days would be irradiated.

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