Interactive digital advertising posters.

By | September 18, 2009

Interactive digital signage posters are one of the most affordable ways to enter into the digital signage market. The use of them is almost endless as they can be used form mom and pop stores displaying current promotions, through to corporate reception and meeting areas were their products or services are displayed.

Digital signage is fast becoming the new trend for any forward thinking business, leaving behind conventional printed posters. The cost savings on printed media coupled with the environmental issues of printing thousands of posters is eradicated when digital posters are used.

There are two type of digital posters;

1. Standard digital signage poster
2. Interactive digital signage poster

They work exactly the same way, you create the content no matter if it is video, images or even a PowerPoint presentation with audio, it is then loaded on to a memory card and inserted into the “onboard” media player, now this is were the likeness ends.

The standard digital signage poster is then controlled by the onscreen menu to select how you want the content to be displayed, including how big or small you want the rolling text.

The interactive digital signage poster can have as many as 9 interactive sections of the display, so you can market 9 areas of a business, this is set up via the onscreen menu and is ready to roll in a matter of seconds. When anyone clicks on any of the 9 images displayed for the particular area or business, product or promotion, content is then displayed relevant to the area of business.

LCD Enclosures Global have successful sold these to 3 of the UK’s leading department stores as well as local businesses including solicitors, accountants and dentists.

LCD Enclosures Global now offer a solution for all pockets, from indoor digital signage to outdoor LCD enclosures.