Institutional TV enclosures for Jails and Behavioral Centers

By | March 12, 2018

ProEnc’s institutional TV enclosures are supplied to jails and behavioral centers, due to the high build quality and cost effective pricing. Now throughout this next week, ProEnc are offering their NL36 enclosures at a discounted price.

ProEnc’s institutional TV enclosures for jails

ProEnc have been manufacturing their enclosures for over a decade, during this time their product range has grown from small protective boxes for televisions used in individual jail cells to massive 65” screens used in main waiting areas.

The products ProEnc makes are all made from steel, which are powder coated to provide a very robust finish. The range of enclosures is as follows:

  • CNL26 for televisions 17” to 26”
  • CNL36 for televisions 27” to 36”
  • CNL46 for televisions 37” to 46”
  • CNL55 for televisions 47” to 55”
  • CNL65 for televisions 56” to 65”

What makes ProEnc’s suicide resistant TV enclosures different? The products have been subjected to independent tests to ensure they comply with the most rigorous of testing to ensure prison safety is uppermost.

ProEnc’s institutional TV enclosures for behavioral centers.

Initially supplying the mental health care industry, ProEnc underwent a development program with the US Federal Mental Health Board and after tweaking their design, ProEnc got the approval after 18 months for their product in to health facilities across the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.

ProEnc’s competitive advantage.

When looking to invest into institutional TV enclosures the buyer has to consider what’s best for their facility.
ProEnc’s enclosures are fitted with the thickest viewing window in the industry, which is virtually unbreakable.

The locks used to secure the enclosure are the most secure on the market, they are not cam or compression locks that can easily and simply be opened using a ruler!

ProEnc’s enclosures are the only ones on the market to have incorporated a vented door so the audio from the television can exit the enclosure. Enclosures that do not have this facility have issues with the sound being muffled, resulting in frustrated patients and prisoners.

Feedback on ProEnc’s enclosures.

ProEnc in the past 6 months have had numerous customers contact them after seeing the video below and confirming the poor build quality of the competitors units. With 3 customers informing us once installed as the rivals instructions and experienced a mild physical attack, the enclosures fell apart, just like in the video. With nothing but praise for ProEnc’s products after receiving them.

institutional tv enclosures

Contact ProEnc on (862) 234-5981 to take up the discount for their institutional TV enclosures.