Installing A TV in your back yard? Here are 5 Tips For A Trouble Free Installation

By | January 21, 2010

When the summer comes and you are in outside in your back yard enjoying the warmth of the summers evening, the last thing you want to do is miss the game or your favourite TV program. Follow these five tips for installing a TV in your back yard and avoid any problems that otherwise you would encounter.

With the cost of digital, flat screen displays’ dropping dramatically this puts them in the reach of everyone, so much so that many people are looking to extend their home into their back yard. With the global climate changes, we have to consider the weather as summers get hotter and winters get colder, so if you follow the next 5 tips you will have a trouble free TV installation in your back yard, so that you can even watch the game whilst in your hot tub or pool.

5 Tips for a successful TV installation in your back yard.

1. Location – Plan the location of the best position for the TV, ideally not in direct sunlight. Consider if it will be mounted directly from the cinder block wall, from a ceiling mount or from a floor standing mount.

2. Cabling- Ensure that if you are running cables through your garden, you must install some sort of conduit for the cables and their connectors to run through, these must be berried at least 12” down, to prevent pets and other animals eating through the cables as well as an accidents (cutting power cables with a garden spade) whilst turning the garden over.

3. Types of screen – There are three options here, to use a standard TV and put it in a special outdoor case (we will come to this later), or buy a TV that is manufactured to be outdoors (these cost anything up to $25,000), alternatively we have seen large inflatable screens that incorporate a projector so you connect the projector and away you go watching your favourite program.

4. Protection from the weather – Now if you have opted for using a standard TV which 97% of people do, you will have to offer some sort of protection, as our weather patterns are constantly changing, with hotter summers and colder winters. So here you have to look for a special case, that offers thermostatically controlled heating and cooling and then if you are away on vacation you display is in the ideal environment. Without the element or the specialised cooling and heating the display could fail overnight costing you twice the price of the screen (one to buy it and one to replace it) to rectify. Look for a supplier who offers a solution that covers a large temperature range, say from -20 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Protection from theft – No matter what your neighbourhood is like, if you have something desirable, there will always be someone who is envious, now putting a TV in your back yard needs protection, so the best option would be to provide 2 answers to two of the main issues that anyone encounters when putting a TV outdoors and that is to put the TV in a special outdoor TV box, these come with special locks, and all the fixings are anti tamper. So anyone trying to steal your TV will draw attention to them selves trying to overcome these deterrents.

We all know that anyone with a garage can knock a steel box up, however it is the special electronics and security that separate it from a successful installation or a failure.

Following these 5 tips, has given you the information you need to install a TV in your back yard.

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