Installing a Drive-Thru Menu Board Canopy

By | August 17, 2017

Enticing customers with a drive thru menu board canopy.

A drive thru fast food restaurant is an option many customers take, particularly if it is a stormy wet day, and who doesn’t want to get out of their car to walk into a quick serve restaurant, when there is another option of staying in the warmth and dry of your own vehicle and having your food delivered right through your open window! Now, that’s OK, but you’ll still have to avoid a wet arm or driving rain in your face when speaking your order and paying. The solution, however is to install a canopy over the drive thru menu board and this can be done retrospectively, as part of a re-fit or totally new installation.

But don’t go cheap! A garden umbrella will just not stand up to most weather conditions, its intention is really to shade from the sun. One gust of wind and it will take off like a kite – gone forever…

Properly installed canopies provide shelter and even filter out background noise to enable the oral order to be taken correctly. Most fit over the width and length of a car, but they should certainly cover the main parts of the driver – as the menu board and speaker are on the drivers side of the car. This is also the case, not only for fast food outlets, but also for convenience outdoor ATM and banking facilities, collection points and pay points.

Taking for example, an installed digital menu board, a stand-a-lone canopy can be fitted into the concrete base and adjusted to variety of height, unless specified to a dedicated height. All the metal parts are made of a quality steel and powder coated for durability. This will stand up to knocks and scrapes – anything more would be a claim on an insurance policy for a replacement. Virtually any paint color can be accommodated to suit a corporate design or scheme.

Likewise, the vinyl canopy can be designed to suit a logo for additional advertising. The vinyl is made from a mega durable and fade resistant material which will last, as per the warranty specification and only needs a wipe with a damp cloth the keep it like new.

It may be that your digital menu board does not have an integral speaker, but it is something, as the business owner, you would like to include; these canopies can accommodated an external speaker, mounted on the pole and has a microphone system to match. Lighting is also important, so the drive thru canopy can cut out street lighting, so a three lamp kit can also be supplied.

One question often asked is, how wind resistant is the canopy? The manufacturers claim the wind load is rated for just over 100 miles per hour, which is quite substantial and therefore suits many US states. The unit can be either supplied and delivered in 2 parts or fully installed by a professional company.

Making money is forefront to every business owner, but for those who are willing to invest in the comfort of their customers will benefit the most. Offering a digital signage menu board canopy does just that; it is convenient, aesthetically good looking and is an affordable option for most outlets. If you don’t have one, you are missing out!

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