Indoor Sunlight Readable Digital Signage Screens; Avoiding the Glare

By | October 17, 2016

Anti-glare and indoor sunlight readable digital signage screens

The effects of sunlight on a digital signage screen will render it useless and therefore a complete waste of investment. There are alternatives which will solve the problem, one being to enclose the digital signage screen in a protective enclosure. So not only is the excessive sunlight problem cured, but there is additional protection and security. As the sun shines through a window, the glare is intensified and magnified, which is a problem for a retail store or promotional outlet who uses technology as a publicity platform.

Costings for indoor sunlight readable digital signage

The range of sunlight readable digital signage screen enclosures suit every application and budget with sizes ranging from 26 inches through to 80 inches. (remembering a screen is measured on the diagonal; bottom left to top right of the screen – you may be surprised that people still measure a screen from left to right or top to bottom!) The larger screens are generally positioned in a portrait format and on a floor standing post, as a kiosk or totem. Other screens can be wall or ceiling mounted. The viewing window of an enclosure is fitted with a high-bright, anti-glare Lexan clear panel which provides a practical resolution to the problem. It is quite hard to judge the position of the sun all day, unless a study is first undertaken; which is very time consuming, however at certain hours the sun’s glare can distort the image of an advertising campaign which may result in lost revenue.

Another benefit of enclosing the digital signage in an enclosure is protecting against theft, accidental damage and weather harm. Outdoor screens are particularly susceptible to these additional issues, but can be easily overcome with just the one unit. Concealed hinges reduce theft of the screens and hardware inside and along with the high security locks, provide a secure environment. Cables are also tidied away, which discourages unauthorized interference and weatherproof gromits protect against water ingress. Generally indoor digital signage does not need air conditioning as the retail outlet, office or restaurant is of an ambient temperature, but if the screen is located outdoors, factors of weather – both extreme heat and cold temperatures can cause the electrical hardware to fail. An ProEnc enclosure can be fitted with a thermostatically controlled heater and/or cooling unit to combat overheating or freezing up.

sunlight readable digital signage

Sunlight readable digital signage

Damage – accidental or willful is a costly violation. Down-time and repair or replacement costs are an unnecessary inconvenience of what should be a viable advertising campaign. Outside the weather can cause problems; wet weather, insect ingress and wind damage, ie. broken branches smashed against the screen can brake the digital signage, so the key factor is to include a ProEnc enclosure when planning a sunlight readable digital signage screen.

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