Indoor plasma TV shield for Educational Facilities

By | February 27, 2013

Indoor Plasma TV Shield – 101.

Educational facilities are rolling out digital signage, some are even using indoor plasma shield solutions to protect the plasma TV screens used.

What hazards are there in educational facilities?

indoor plasma TV shield

The amount of people, who pass through an educational facility in any one day, can be huge. Imagine when the lessons end and all the students exit the classrooms they can be hundreds if not thousands of students passing through the corridors at any one time. The digital signage been displayed in the corridors the potential for high-end is increased dramatically.

All it would need would be for some boisterous young men to any push each other or throw something that accidentally hits the plasma screen and damages it.

There and have been instances when these youths have been messing around with mobile phones and a mobile has accidentally hit the digital signage screen and damaged the surface of the plasma screen.

So here we can see from these basic examples of protecting indoor plasma TV sets no matter if they are used for basic information or to delivery digital advertising campaigns. If the screen is damaged either of these cannot be used and replacement costs can soar.

What solutions are available?

There are solutions on the market that clip to the front of the plasma TV sets, however the problem with these is that they can be easily removed on the screen days damaged.

There are other solutions on the market, and that encompass the entire screen however this can be little overkill for an indoor application as these are designed for outdoor protection. Now the same manufacturers of these outdoor backyard LCD TV cabinets have developed an indoor plasma TV shield.

An indoor plasma TV shield.

The indoor plasma TV shield is specifically designed for plasma screen, these protective cover provide the necessary ventilation for the hot air to escape whilst at the same time ensuring the screen is kept in the perfect temperature. The indoor plasma TV shield comes in three parts, the main part is the front cover this is fitted with a Lexan and attaches to the two other parts that form the back section.

Once the back section and the front section are fastened together the unit is extremely rigid and will withstand an attack with a baseball bat.

These units can also be fitted with toughened, laminated glass that has an anti-reflective coating, ideal if the indoor plasma TV shield is being installed in direct sunlight. The laminated glass provides a greater level of protection than the Lexan.

An indoor plasma TV shield is rather cost-effective; it will protect the plasma TV set and ensure that the life of the TV is as long as possible. Initially when buying indoor plasma TV buyers often forget the protection it needs. However you have to consider how much it would cost to replace the new TV and you will probably find an indoor plasma TV shield costs a lot less.

DOOH USA is a world renowned manufacturer of digital signage housings, they also provide indoor plasma TV shield solutions for protecting plasma TVs indoors.