In room & out of room media

By | July 23, 2009

High end hotels have deep pockets, you see this as soon as you enter in the lobby, LCD’s televisions every where this enhances the customers experience.

Due to most hotels having deployed TV’s and having their own in-room channels, they can utilise this to their advantage and use it for advertising.

For example, the hotel may partner with an online video store, so if a guest sees a video they wish to watch, they can then contact reception, adding the movie to their room, then scheduling a time for the movie to play.

Now let us look at a case study on “captive marketing”.

A Cruise Line Company launched a new addition to their fleet, however they needed to get the word out about the spa and fitness centre services, to maximise the promotion.

The solution was to deploy 2 x 65” LCD touch screen displays outside the spa and fitness centre. Now the High Definition touch screen display guided each guest through the range of spa treatments and fitness facilities that was onboard. Now the solution had a two fold application, as well as a digital sign is also acted as a wayfinding solution for the ship.