How To Waterproof Your LCD TV

By | May 3, 2010

When you install a TV in your backyard, there will always be potential problems. But getting a better understanding of these problems puts you in a better position to make your own water proof LCD TV.

Taking the following points into account will help you achieve your goal of a TV in your backyard.

Direct sunlight.
When installing a TV in your backyard, you must have a clear idea where you will be putting the TV set, will you be mounting off of an external wall or will you build a stand for it? The ideal position for the screen is on a wall in a sheltered position such as in a pergola, with a seating area around 10 feet away form the screen for a 42” display, this does vary according to the size of screen you install.

If direct sunlight is on the screen for prolonged periods, this will break down the LCD crystals inside the TV set and the TV in your backyard will certainly fail sooner than you would have expected.

Winter Months
You have two options during winter, the first is to remove the screen and store it in your basement, then reassemble it in the spring ready for the warmer months. Or you can leave it outdoors during the winter, but if this is the case you must look at insulating the screen from frost, snow and ice as these can also damage the crystals that form the TV screen.

For protection for this, you have to have some sort of cover for the TV or an enormous gazebo so the rain can not reach the television. As we all know electronics and water do not mix, there are TV covers on the market that protect form rain, but you really need to consider a year round solution, as you are not going to be around at 3 am when it starts to rain and trying to remember to cover it every time you have used it can become a chore.

No matter what country or walk of life you are from, if you have something better than anyone else irrelevant if you have worked hard to get it, they can take it from you. This is something we can guard against by using special fasteners to mount the TV to the wall, using anti tamper bolts that need special tools will prevent them from stealing your pride and joy, but it will not stop them vandalising it beyond repair.

An ideal solution is an outdoor LCD enclosure that offers all the above protection in one solution.
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