How to mount an LCD Enclosure in a ceiling.

By | June 15, 2009

It may be concerning, however you must put yourself in the position of the integrators who need to install LCD TV’s and protective LCD Enclosures to a ceiling, with a total weight of 165lbs.

The perfect solution is to mount the digital signage solution to the floor, but as we all know, people want to work up into free space, so if a client wants a suspended solution from their ceiling, they get one.

So the best solution would be to mount the outdoor TV enclosure to a supporting beam or pole, this is were the scaffold pole bracket comes in.

This will suspend the TV’s and LCD enclosures from the ceiling with this robust, heavy duty bracket. Manufactured from heavy gauge steel section, and welded to re-enforce its strength.

The bracket bolts to the VESA mounting plate on the rear of the outdoor TV enclosure, then the whole unit is clamped to the scaffold pole, providing a secure solution.

Pole mounted LCD TV VESA mount bracket

Pole mounted LCD TV VESA mount bracket