How to Create Your Own Backyard Box Office

By | March 23, 2010

So you want to know how to create your own outdoor cinema?

Setting up an outdoor home cinema is a reasonably large undertaking, not only in terms of physical installation, but also in financial outlay. A sensible option would be to host a ‘trial night’, whereby you would hire the equipment and an operator to try it out. This way you can get a feel for all the technical details and decide on the ideal requirements for your location.

If it’s the ‘Wow’ factor you’re after, and then consider how to make the most of these important factors, which will determine your Al Fresco Theatre kit.

  • Do you have a suitable spot to site the outdoor screen
  • Where can you place the projector/screen
  • Is there safe access for the power supply
  • Where is the best location for the speakers
  • Can you safely conceal the power leads
  • Consider the sunlight at different times of the day – maybe you’ll use your Al Fresco theatre more in the evening, however do think about excess light from street lighting or next doors’ tennis court
  • How can you arrange the seating, so that the ‘audience’ can all see clearly
  • Be considerate to your neighbours – how loud should you have the movie sound track?

outdoor home cinema

Most locations are suitable for your Backyard Box Office, even incorporating a room from the house that flows into the garden, using this as the base for the projector. This allows a safer arrangement for the power supply and technical equipment, as it is weather protected and away from interference of the audience. The only equipment outdoors is the screen or projector and speakers, which need to be weather proofed.

It is also possible to use the outdoor cinema for fund raising, however do check the licensing arrangements.

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