How Patient Self-Serve Kiosks Help The Health Care Profession

By | February 15, 2010

Now, patient self-serve kiosks and wireless tablets are being seen in the health care sector to empower the patient and promote choice of their medical care. It has become apparent that there is a change in their behaviour and attitude towards attending an appointment, as they are able to take matters into their own hands and make their own decisions.

Early stages of self serve devices from 2005 showed that consumers spent more than $324 million, which is expected to exceed $1.2 trillion into 2010. Numerous surveys have been carried out and findings have shown age is irrelevant in the use of such patient devices. Today we think nothing of checking in at an airport using such technology, or using debit and credit cards from a terminal. A youngster can use an AMT, just as a grandparent would, thus figures show a huge increase in popularity of these medical services offering self-serve styled facilities. Another consideration for cutting back on paper is the environment, which is huge issue for many conscientious people. By cutting down on the production of paper, the effect of trees, pollution, and our precious world is seriously considered.

These kiosks are a convenient way of inputting the patient’s own check-in data, as they take up very little room, either by way of a full height, floor standing unit, usually constructed from metal and coated in a protective paint or if space is at a premium, a desk top LCD interactive display may be suitable. Technology needs embracing into our digital world, giving the patient freedom of choice from the health care provider to decisions of medical treatment.

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