How drive thru coffee menu boards are driving up sales

By | July 27, 2017

ProEnc’s drive thru coffee menu boards.

Drive thru coffee menu boards are most commonly found in brand name outlets, like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts who will have digital advertising boards as well as other forms of boards, like chalk boards and posters; the beauty of using a digital menu board is the convenience of being able to change and update the content at the touch of a button – via a network over the internet or an individual flash drive.

drive thru coffee menu boards

Brands are easy to identify with and customers are loyal to their favorite – often collecting loyalty points for free coffees and other offers; digital menu boards can also attract additional sales by forwarding special coupons and offers via blue-tooth to a linked smart phone. Coffee shops not only sell coffee, but add on sales like cakes, sandwiches and chilled drinks, as per the time of day and season.

Understanding ProEnc’s drive thru coffee menu boards.

These boards are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, particularly the outdoor ones can take drive thru orders, directly from customers still in their cars, which is handy for those in a rush or who want to avoid getting soaked in the wet weather! People are more inclined to use a digital menu board to make their selection, as it is clearly set out, using images or photographs and text – all of which can be changed according to stock levels and demand. Slow selling items or overstocked gods can be offered at a special price within a moments notice, reducing waste whilst even increasing profits – this does not work as well for static menu boards, like the chalk boards and paper posters. Whether coffee shops are indoor, like a mall or part of a complex, or a stand-alone facility or outdoors in an outlet village, digital signage is essential to keep up with technology.

Customers are attracted by the content of an electronic board, in some places it is still a novelty as technology catches up, which drives additional sales for the coffee shop. Bear in mind where the digital sign will be placed, as sunlight is one of the most common fails; not only does the glare obliterate the imagery on the screen, but it can cause the unit to overheat which can be an irreversible factor and invalidate any warranty.

Coffee shop chains are more likely to network their screens, so they are all showing the same content at the same time (time zone variable), however there is nothing to stop an individually owned coffee shop from joining the digital signage revolution by installing one too. In this case the content can be uploaded directly from a flash drive, which is convenient and can be altered and changed more readily than a printed poster – and chalk boards can look messy when hurriedly changed and crossed out.

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