How an LCD Enclosure Protects a Plasma Screen

By | November 7, 2011

LCD enclosure used to protect LCD, plasma and LED screens.

Many facilities are protecting plasma screens with an LCD Enclosure from LCD Enclosure Global Ltd, who specialise in anti-vandal and anti-loop enclosures designed for maximum protection of the screen whilst safe guarding the vulnerable clients of a health institute.

lcd enclosure

After purchasing a plasma screen or television set, the last thing you’ll want to do is replace it just a couple of days, or if you’re lucky a couple of weeks later, due to malicious or accidental damage, if it is located in a public area, like a shopping mall, railway station or soccer stadium, where fans may get carried away in the excitement of the game or frustrated at a referees decision, or the delay of a train and cause deliberate damage, rendering the screen useless and at huge expense to the advertisers.  So while adding an LCD enclosure as part of the package may add an initial expense to the overall cost, but by calculating the cost of several replacement screens, lost advertising revenue, inconvenience and  maintenance costs it makes economic sense to add a secure steel box.  This not only shelters the hardware from the weather or other moisture conditions, but also allows a clear viewing window, particularly if an anti reflective polycarbonate sheet is fitted.

LCD enclosure used in medical centers.

An LCD enclosure is also suitable for mental health facilities, where patients may be in an ‘at risk’ state and the prospect of self harm is of significant importance.  With the specific design of the anti-loop/ligature LCD enclosure limiting the chances of hanging or using some sort of ligature to end their life, protects from such consequences.   This is also relevant for prisons or detention centers, where a detainee has access to a television set or similar media player, but is at risk of self harm or is a threat to damaging the hardware. By enclosing the television plasma screen in an LCD enclosure by no means spoils the view or entertainment aspect, but prolongs the life span of the plasma screen, and allows the viewer to enjoy the programs without disruption by vandalism being caused.

LCD Enclosure Global Limited manufacture a range of non loop LCD enclosures as well as their standard anti vandal LCD enclosure range.